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constructing a new home

excavation services

Foundation, Sewer & site prep

Searching for the perfect home to buy can be a long and difficult process. That’s why many consumers are choosing to take a different route by purchasing land and constructing a new home that is designed to their liking. 

There are many benefits to constructing a new home. Most consumers like the fact that when they construct a new home, they know they’re getting exactly what they want in an area where they want it. But building a new home also consists of constructing it with new materials which in turn can significantly reduce maintenance costs for the first few years. While new home construction can be a costly and lengthy process, the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting what you want can outweigh the cons.

M. Clifford reached out to us for excavation services and site prep for the construction of his new home.  A lot of preparation goes into new home construction but our equipment can handle anything. 

Our site preparation for construction of this new home began by clearing the site so we brought in our equipment to remove all of the trees, boulders, rocks, and debris. Once the site was cleared, the property was then prepared for building by putting the footings in place. We then brought in a truck to pour concrete to establish the foundation. Once the foundation was set, our crew then began the process of installing the plumbing connections. This is a very important step because it includes the installation of the drains, sewage, and water taps. Once all of the plumbing connections were installed, our equipment was used to move the mounds of soil that were excavated and placed outside of the construction area to fill in the gaps that were dug for the plumbing. From there, the construction crews came in to proceed with the next phase of building. The gallery below gives more visuals to the step-by-step process our excavation crew took for this project.

If you’re getting ready to construct a new home and are in need of an experienced excavation crew contact Lohman Excavation today!


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