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A Big Excavator In A Small Pond

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constructing an artificial pond

Artificial ponds are quickly becoming ecological solutions for property owners. From water conservation to wildlife support, there are many benefits to constructing an artificial pond.

Man-made ponds are bodies of water that can be created on a variety of scales. They serve a number of purposes from being simply ornamental ponds to drinking water reservoirs and everything in between.

Ponds can be created in many ways, but no matter how they come to be, they have one thing in common: they help protect the area around them by catching water runoff from rain and filtering it as it runs off into streams or rivers.

A. Bradshaw has a large property that is becoming more expensive to maintain due to water shortages in the area. The client decided to reach out to inquire about the benefits that an artificial pond could provide. The client wanted a pond that blends in with a natural-looking landscape, but still has the feel of an artificial pond. The motive for the pond was to use it to collect rain water and drainage and store it for the months where shortages become an issue.

The construction phase for this project consisted of digging a large hole in the ground where the body of water was going to be placed. We used a Bobcat excavator to remove and relocate the soil. The Bobcat excavator is smaller but much more efficient for these types of projects. After removing the dirt from the ground and creating a large enough hole for the pond we lined it with a plastic liner. We then placed rocks on top of the liner to create the bottom of the pond. Once this was done, plants were then added to line the edge of the pond to give it the natural look requested by the client. Overall the project turned out great and the customer was very satisfied with this new opportunity to conserve water for his property.

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