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Safety Manager and Corporate Pilot

We Are Looking for: Safety Manager and Corporate Pilot

Summary of Duties

The Safety Manager will support the maintenance and oversight of aircraft and up to 25 personnel at several locations. The Safety Manager is based at the central office in Lewiston, Idaho, and oversees a  Field Safety Supervisor. This position will perform duties as the company Safety Manager and will be responsible for directing and supporting the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS)  and IS-BAO protocols. This position will formulate and administer safety policies and procedures to ensure conformity to company standards and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

The Corporate Pilot is responsible for safely operating turboprop aircraft IAW with FAA Regulations and  Aircraft Flight Manual performing primarily, but not limited to, passenger and freight operations throughout the United States, Canada, and other selected sites. Generally, all flights are scheduled in advance though occasionally there will be “on-call” last-minute flights, e.g., emergency parts transport.  Additionally, the Corporate Pilot is responsible for notifying the DOM of any airworthiness issues with the corporate planes, or corrective actions needed, and assisting the DOM in obtaining quotes and scheduling maintenance should outside vendors be required. 

As an integral part of the top management of Lohman Helicopter, this position will also be involved in the bid review process, as a joint effort with the President, the CEO, and the DOT Manager.

Experience and proficiency in the following major areas:

  • Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, as they pertain to maintenance, flight operations, and  repair stations for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Understanding of SMS processes to include development of SMS Programs
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. 
  • Understanding of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.  
  • Excellent communication (oral and written) 
  • Experienced in safety protocols and implementing safety training 
  • Fixed Wing Pilot – turboprop experience  
  • Well-organized and reliable  
  • Must be able to multi-task 
  • Advanced PC skills – Word/Excel 
  • Ability to organize a daily workload by priorities

Safety Manager Duties:

  • Drive awareness and accountability for environmental and health safety performance through  all levels of the organization
  • Oversee a company-wide SMS program to ensure smooth implementation of the safety program
  • Oversee assessment programs that both measure and ensure contract operations are meeting target safety objectives
  • Maintain and report to customers online safety reporting platforms such as ISNetworld (ISN) or  Veriforce
  • Review the current SMS (gap analysis) and develop a comprehensive Safety Management  Systems Manual to include ensuring that all elements of SMS are both implemented and  followed at each location and by all personnel
  • Maintain the hazard reporting and hazard analysis program
  • Ensure that HazMat processes are in place and in conformity with local, state, and federal  requirements  
  • Maintain and develop safety training programs and implement the monthly safety meetings,  emphasizing meeting annual safety goals
  • Ensure, capture, and record all hazards identified as well as mitigation efforts
  • Identify exposures and recommended practical solutions  
  • Review accidents and incidents; conduct investigation with follow up reporting monitoring of  the corrective actions  
  • Establish standardized file systems so that all sites and personnel are using the same program
  • Assist HR in the development of robust employee files 
  • Provide for and accomplish processes to ensure all accidents and incidents are investigated 
  • Achieve and Implement IS-BAO Level III (target date to accomplish is 12 months)
  • Achieve OSHA VPP status 
  • Ensure compliance with FARs as they pertain to company aircraft maintenance department to  ensure airworthiness and compliance with FARs and Company GOM  
  • Ensure DOT and USFS compliance of company fleet vehicles  
  • Coordinating with the DOM, develop an assessment program to assess all facets of maintenance operations to include evaluation of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, weight and balance,  maintenance records, calibration, hazardous materials (including Safety Data Sheet management), tool control, etc.
  • Review contract and federal laws for both fleet and aircraft to ensure conformity and  compliance

Corporate Pilot Duties:

  • Safely operate turboprop aircraft performing passenger and freight operations
  • Completing daily flight logs, pilot flight and duties times as direct by DO  
  • Completing CTS as assigned for 135 annual training requirementss  
  • Notify maintenance department when GPS systems require updates 
  • Pre-flight planning, fueling, etc.  
  • Cleaning and/or washing plane after each flight 
  • Maintain Commercial Pilots License/Second Class Medical

Other Duties as Assigned:

Due to the nature of small business operations, it may occasionally be necessary to fulfill task requirements of varied nature.


Central office in Lewiston, Idaho, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Safety Manager and Corporate Pilot will be required to work varied shifts and may be required to be available for on-call shifts. Generally, all flights are scheduled in advance, though occasionally there will be “on-call” last minute flights, e.g., emergency parts transport.

Long Term Goals:

  • Achieve & Implement IS-BAO Level III
  • Secure OSHA VPP status for the company

Additional Requirements:

  • This position requires residency or relocation to the Lewiston, Idaho area.


  • Minimum 1 year as a safety professional  
  • Minimum 6 years’ experience as a professional pilot 
  • Commercial Pilots License/Second Class Medical 
  • 3,500 hours Pic time Airplane  
  • 1,500 Turbine hours  
  • 1,000 hours MEL 
  • 500 hours instrument time  
  • 500 hours of unaided nighttime experience  
  • Cheyenne preferred 
  • IFR (poor weather) Experience 
  • Previous 121 Experience  
  • Previous 135 Experience  
  • Clean Driver’s Record 
  • Strong interpersonal skills  
  • Self-motivated, disciplined with a can-do attitude 
  • Prepared to travel within the operational region
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English