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Director of Operations

We Are Looking for: Director of Operations

Summary of Duties

The Part 135 Director of Operations (DO) is a key management role at Lohman Helicopter. This position reports to the President and is responsible for flight operations conducted by crewmembers under Part 135 and ensures that all flight operations are conducted safely and in compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations, Operations Specifications, and Company Policies. As well, this position keeps all Part 135 documents (Ops Specs, General Operations Manual (GOM), Training Program, Compliance Statement, Hazardous Materials Manual, personnel records) in current form. Successful candidates will have strong background experience with previous experience as either a Chief Pilot or Director of Operations as well as a solid work ethic.

Experience and proficiency in the following major areas:

  • Expert knowledge of the Federal Aviation Regulations, FARs, and USFS requirements
  • Experience in utility and powerline, and fire suppression aerial operations 
  • Thorough knowledge of the contents of Part 135 documentation and experience with writing and revising General Operations Manual (GOM) and Training Manuals
  • Monitoring activities involved in rotor wing flight operation to ensure they are handled properly
  • Proficient in managing multiple priorities while maintaining safety, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction
  • Controlling all required communication and approval with the assigned FAA FSDO team
  • Experience supervising all flight crew personnel and ensuring all duties are completed appropriately
  • Strong leadership and effective management skills, ability to lead by example with integrity

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop, distribute and maintain the Company’s General Operations Manual (GOM) and recommend additional policies and procedures as they relate to safety and maintenance of the company’s Part 135 aircraft and operations
  • Develop and maintain the Operations Specifications for Part 135 Operations and coordinate with the FAA for approval
  • Coordinate recommendations for the Safety Management System (SMS) with the Company’s President and Director of Safety
  • Ensure flight operations comply with applicable FAR’s, other federal and state requirements, and company policies and procedures
  • Develops standards for operational performance, personnel qualifications, and quality assurance and participates in aircrew member recruiting and selection process
  • Collaborate with the Director of Maintenance (DOM) to review all major aircraft repairs or modifications to Company owned, leased, or managed aircraft and ensure coordination with FAA as required
  • Coordinate with DOM and Chief Pilot to ensure maintenance and flight operations are fully coordinated and provide planning and execution support for training, ferry flights, and operational checks
  • Coordinate with DOM and Chief Pilot to forecast mission requirements, aircraft availability, scheduled services, off-site deployment support, aircraft inspections, and mission skills currency
  • Establish and adhere to flight operations reporting procedures IAW FAA mandated requirements and Lohman Helicopter management; ensure accurate and timely reports to all applicable government agencies
  • Serves as the Company’s agent/signatory for issuance and receipt of all Operations Specifications
  • Ensures flight operations personnel takes all required steps to prepare for a flight
  • Ensures all required aircraft inspections and discrepancy reports are handled appropriately
  • Participate in out-of-town travel, work, and overtime work, as required 
  • Actively participate in the Company SMS program
  • Make safety a priority at all times

Other Duties as Assigned

Due to the nature of small business operations, it is necessary to fulfill task requirements of varied nature to support the company’s needs.


  • Must meet all requirements listed in 14 CFR Part 119.71(b) as applicable
  • Must be qualified with 3 of the last 6 years’ experience in Part 135 aircraft
  • Previous experience as either a Chief Pilot or Director of Operations 
  • Experience with BHT – 407/212 or similar aircraft 
  • Must have a current FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate Helicopter. ATP and Instrument Rating desired. 
  • FAA Medical Class 1 or 2 (current)
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communications and management skills 
  • Must be able to prepare and articulate programs to the FAA, the company leadership, other government agencies, and commercial customers
  • Must have excellent liaison skills for coordinating company requirements with the FAA and other government agencies
  • Must have strong comprehension skills to quickly adapt and implement changes in a complex and dynamic civil aviation environment
  • Must have strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task for assisting management in identifying, assessing, and implementing new flight initiatives
  • Must have strong background and experience in firefighting and/or powerline/utility.
  • Must have extensive external load experience

Additional Requirements

This position requires residency or relocation to the Lewiston, Idaho area. 


Employment Status: W2
Salary: $125,000.00+ DOE
Group Health and Dental: Employer paid for employee; option for employee to insure family members
Life Insurance: Yes
Retirement Plan: Yes
Out of Town Per Diem: $55.00 per day
Travel and Out of Town Lodging: Company paid and arranged
Relocation Assistance: Yes


Being willing to work overtime is a requirement. Overtime must be approved.


Central office in Lewiston, Idaho, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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